This was originally made for GMod 9 by KuroNeko so credit of idea goes to him. I have recreated it for GMod 10. Also some credit goes to Joel_Yeah for starting it off.

M-way is a scripted entity that multiplies until it hits something.

This video can explain it further.



Changes colour depending on state.
Press use to expand/retract.
Wire inputs/outputs are included by not required.
Inputs: Toggle, Expand, Retract
Outputs: Expanded, Retracted
Makes sounds :dance:
It’s a SENT, put the MWay folder in /lua/entities/

I strongly welcome suggestions and criticism.

Map in video

Raiden0899 has modified this to add some stuff.


Nice one.

Nice very useful!
Gold starred!

Also very good idea to make video to demonstrate it.
It really make all clear!

Looks fun. Nice job.

Very nice I have seen this before and always wanted it for Gmod 10 and now its here!

This looks like you could easily lag severs with but looks cool anyway. Nice job.

Awesome, perfect for some servers i guess. :dance:

Now your thinking with M’s!
Nice, gold star and the internet

Yay! you remade it for gmod10!! :smiley:

Ah, it’s back :slight_smile:


Before I forget, which construct-modification is that?

Yea, that GM_construct map looked cool.

Thank you!

I love you!

That’s my own construct map, I’m always getting requests to release it but it’s not really finished. There’s some pictures floating around here if you want to have a look. :keke:

Wow Thanks :slight_smile:

Do these fade in? I know the gmod9 version’s didn’t, if they don’t I suggest you make them do so as it’d look incredibly cool.

Gimme that map and i’ll give you my babies. :o


Wait aren’t you the guy of that laser bridge?

Awesome SENT. By the way, where can you get a decompiled version of gm_construct?
All I find is Gmod 9 versions.

Good idea, how should I do that? I’m using timers to create them.



Are your "M"s custom entities? If not, make them custom entities and do the fading via setcolor on their think event.

Cool, So it acts sort of like a bridge. Please release that map. (When it’s finished). That’s so cool, it’s a portable bridge. Gold star.

anyone know where that map is?