M1 Carbines Hurt!


i was bored and wanted to work on a muzzleflash C&C please

more AA, some bits are too sharp

everything looks sharp but it’s a good pose

Posing on the german seems off, but otherwise okay. The muzzle looks ugly and really out of place, though.

The muzzle looks awesome.

This (and most of your pictures) are a bit filter raped. Maybe tone it down a bit. Otherwise, the muzzle flash is nice.

Muzzle flash looks very peculiar. Ingame one right? I think I have the exact one.

The Vman would know, it’s from his pack afaik.

well actually i took the vtfs of the ingame muzlleflash and exported them to jpegs and tryed to mess around with them

bullets don’t hurt

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lol have you been shot before? or are you just joshing around

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(User was banned for this post ("Meme" - Benji))

Nice meme reply.

Just sayin’.