M1A1 Thompson SMG - Model

Its not fantastic, just wanted a little c&c, its my first attempt at a weapon in Maya.

Its an M1A1 Thompson, y’know, that sexy WW2 gun used by the allies and shit.
I used a coloured side view reference image as a plane in the side perspective, I just
guessed the top dimensions but It looks fine, and I doubt its far off anyway.

Tell me what you think I guess :3

Not bad, but I must say that the 1928 is sexier.

Heh, the drum one? Its pretty cool, considered making it, but Im more in to WW2 & WW1, disinterested in Mafia stuff to be honest.

But regardless, drums make everything awesome - i.e PPSH

Things I’ve a mind to change:

Give a more clear upwards angle on the piece your left hand holds to support the gun.
Remove edges to clean up poly count
Round off straight flat pieces (i,e, the piece holding the trigger)
Add small protrusion underneath the muzzle of the gun
Add indents on support
Add indent behind clip on the metal piece :A

You seem to rely too much on the meshsmooth to do your job. If that’s supposed to be a game model you can’t use any smoothing there but have to build the mesh yourself. The smoothed stocks are not even accurate shaped because it looks like you went for the “press smooth and it’s done” approach.

Yeah Im still learning, and no its not meant to be a game model, just doing it because I wanted to.

What I did was make the basic shape, the indents, etc, to the markings on my reference picture, then clicked smooth, after adjusting its settings, but Im not happy with the grip, so Im going to redo it.

You should look up sub-d modeling, using edge loops and such to control the flow of the smoothing.

Thanks, will do.