[M1ND Server's] - A Server Network. (Buildland + Roleland!) FastDL - And More!

M1ND’s Roleland


  • Map: rp_evocity_v2d
  • DarkRP Modified.
  • Custom Jobs
  • Great Administration
  • Conna’s Tools
  • And More! Come check it out!

Images of Roleland



Server Status and IP



Lag free? So your saying even though i’m all the way over here in England, I wont lag even in the slightest? XD
And are you sure you have a DEDICATED server? Because they cost around £90 a month (only you use the box) I would think you have a gameserver :slight_smile:

Anyway, looks alright. May join if it gets populated

It’s ServerFFS.

I can change that lagfree, your using downtown, .freeforums, tons of shitty jobs, do you want to hear more?

Would people be grateful that i actually took time into making this advertisement, And maybe give some nice feed back on the work done, And maybe come see the server than just say bad shit when you haven’t even tried it.

Edit: and also the server has just started so, there is stuff needing to be done.
Just formed this system yesterday.

You are so cool you can use your dedi to dos people :downs:

No, actually i don’t use ServerFFS, I find they are too pricy. :stuck_out_tongue:
I use gamerz unlimited, And they seem to have been great so far :slight_smile:

In general people on fp don’t appreciate yet more darkrp advertisments in the server advertisment forum. Don’t take it personal

well they are on the same box as serverFFS

You people are getting repetitive with this DarkRP trolling shit. Just shows how many children are in this section.

In general FP users are big assholes towards people hosting DarkRP (myself included)

Atleast he put some effort in his post

Thanks all who agrees i put effort i my post :).

New Website Now Up! http://gmod.deathslayer95.com

Seems okay. Try to put abit more into the website before announcing the address though. Alot of pages have -UNDER CONSTRUCTION- Somewhere.