I’m reequesting a good M240B model. I’m aware there is already an M240B prop in the MW2 weapons pack but its rather low poly and ugly looking like the rest of the pack. The Juggernaut model thats floating around as a really good looking M240B attached to it’s hand and I was hoping someone could take that and make it into a model on its own. Thanks

Well, if you want the long barrel version this pack has one of the good ones: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=936631

Thanks but thats an M249 SAW, which I have like 4 of. Here’s a comparision:


If someone would bother to do the AAW pack I requested, that has a MAG 58. Reskin it and add a forend and heatshield and there’s your 240.

Until that’s done, though… v:shobon:v

Ah, that’s too bad.
I’ve always thought there were way too many actual heavy and light machinegun props for Garry’s Mod.

Not really. It’s mostly LMG’s. And most of those are not even proper LMGs just rifles with various drum mags. The M60’s are general purpose and are scaled incorrectly and look way too small. Really theres not enough GOOD belt fed models for Gmod.