M249 SAW on the Helicopter

You get the heli, you rule the map.


Lets not forget the rockets:


Is it a playable thing?

Of Course it would be playable.Why should be their a M249 on the Heli without using?If its not playable,They wouldnt make such a Graphic work for it

It wont be playable yet. You can look it up in one Thread.
They’ll maybe make it playable later, but right now, the Heli is ruled by NPC and they attack you with the heli when you attack them (thats what i heard).

You´re right,its not Playable YET.
Cars arent playable YET,they are an Admin give.

But as i say,why should they Design a High Definition Model if nobody can use it later.
I wouldnt make such a work if nobody can see it.

Ye i think the same way^^
The Heli itsself is way to detailed not to make it playable =)

The same reason why people create logotypes in vector mode… Why do they do the logo in vector if they will just use it to business cards and maybe shirts? A high-res image would fit. You think like that, until your business get bigger and you have to put your logo at the company truck, or a giant banner on the side of a building.

This analogy works for 3d models too, this can be used for some high quality “trailer film” when the game its done, or if they decide to do fancier graphics, etc. When they need it, they will have it.

Well when I work on any kind of asset I make it to the best of my ability and then scale it down later on.

The images posted above are the high res meshes I made for baking for the game version.

Thanks for posting my work up on the forum btw :smiley:

Could you have at least implemented other things rather than a heli in this state of the game? Though nice work.

Ok,i agree with you.The other thing that me thinks this heli (or an other Form) would be playable is your first writing.

,You get the heli, you rule the map.,
So in my oppinion we have to use the Heli,cause we rule the map.Also it is a reason that it would be playable :wink:

It’s not going to be playable (for a long while)

It’s going to be a random event like the airdrop

please please let it interfere with the biggest group of raiders on the server and target their leader ahahaha. sounds and looks awesome BTW Devs.

That is what i called a statement :wink:
So what are the plans for the Heli?Comes around and aim on players they will see?Any plan for how long the Heli will be there before goes back?Is it possible to defeat the Heli or would it be undestroyable?

It have potential, and would be really fun! Like, when a group/clan become much stronger (larger constructions nearby plus a lot of resources inside them) then the heli appears to confront them.

If the group don’t destroy the heli, it will stay there for a while hitting the walls and stuff and killing anyone nearby, and then leaves. If they shot it down, they can farm its pieces to get low quality metal/metal fragments from it.

Wait wait wait… Helicopters are useable by Admins? Give me that fucking Code!!! I wanna try this!

I think you missunderstood.I have written that CARS are for Admins at this time.I never said that Helicopter are for Admin at this moment :wink:

Seem so. Was just so happy to read about that i didnt read exactly. Then all Hope is gone ^^

I hope players could shoot it down and crashes for loot.

Yes. For some unique Stuff maybe.

I am sorry to destroy your hope xD

But yes,i like the Idea that the Heli is Destroyable and loot some ,unique, Stuff.

Someone has to use the Gun from the Heli.Why this couldnt be a Elite Soldier?Full Kevlar Stuff and Grenades or something else?
i mean if you shoot down the Heli the most of them would be destroyed,but what is with the Rest of the Gunner?