M32 Grenade launcher WIP

This is the first model I have made, it was made using 3DS max 2010. I would like to get your opinions and any help in how to improve it further would be helpful.



Note: This is not actual textures, thease is the presets for the texture tool in 3DS max.
Note:Note: I am aware of the grenade count in the actual M32 is 6, but this model only holds 5.

Minor update:

Eye “sehks”: http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/2504/m32fps.jpg

Note, this is all still a very early WIP so you will see several things that requires a re-work, especially on the last picture. The buttstock is still out of scale but it will be fixed sooner or later. Some parts just needs a little reshaping. Dont hesitate to tell me if you see something out of order.

Minor Update: 12/02/2010.
I have been busy lately with school work, college sucks that way…
Anyway, I am currently fixing the rails as you can see the rails are waay over-sized in the renders above.

No new renders.

The scale’s a bit messed up. The grips are TINY!

That’ll be useful .
hope you can finish it.

Yeah the vertical grip and pistol grip are both far too small but good work so far.

Another thing you might find annoying is how the pistol grip appears to have 2 very sharp edges in the middle of the handle. The texture-presets gives that really annoying effect to reshaped boxes and will be nowhere to be seen when I make myself some actual textures.

Those grips arn’t tiny…Those bullets are HUGE

This model has potential, nice to see someone finally making an M32 for the source engine.

model looks good so far, nice job

i chuckled when i saw the grip!
Make it bigger

There is one in killing floor if getting it from there could be any easier? Just a suggestion though

Maybe he actually wants to make his own? Shocking I know, but just throwing it out there…


Why are you posting your model in this guy’s thread?


And you posted this in someone else’s thread why, exactly? e/f;b

Oh well, you’ve already done it, so here goes:

Smoothing errors everywhere, the proportions are fucked, you clearly haven’t been following your references closely enough (assuming you even used any) because the details are wrong, the overall shape of the entire upper receiver is wrong, the stock is a chamfered and smoothed box, the rails on the upper are wrong, the fact the rails on the fore are right would imply to me that you didn’t actually make that part yourself, and your poly distribution is probably all to cock (I can only guess since you didn’t post a wireframe).

You’ve got a long way to go before you can get away with hijacking threads, mate.

Mate I never claimed to hijack his thread I was merely posting a pic of how far I have come since my first model, but since your going to have a stroke over it I removed my posts.

To the OP keep up the good work.

To rossmum, thats why its a WIP The stock is not smoothed at all or textured properly its basic for the world model. I have followed my References perfectly you just obviously do not know the parts I have used, My Poly distribution is fine dont make assumptions based off no evidence so fuck off.

The parts you’ve used are obviously very messed up then, as I can tell you right now no AR-15 type receiver looks like that. The proportions are off, as are some of the fairly major details, and the rail on the upper is wrong.

I’m pretty familiar with the AR and variants thereof, so it’s a problem with the model, not me. If you can’t handle criticism, then don’t bother showing your work at all.


Use that and the pictures on wikipedia for reference when it comes to scaling the parts

I finished modeling an M32 a little while ago but it’s not going into GMod

Just wondering, are you planning on possibly making a viewmodel for this gun? Not rushing you or anything, just a question.

Sure am, I am quite busy with school work atm tho and I will probably be so untill springbreak.

College is a bitch man! >.<


I attempted to use the ones on Wikipedia earlier, but the pictures is in such a bad angle its impossible to really make anything out of it. I have been using pictures of others 3D models and in-game phootage of others creations. I’ve had a hell to find good reference pictures. I Started off by doing this model out of memorized pictures so some details etc may be quite “off”.

I hope the details arent bad enough to spoil it :slight_smile: