M320 Grenade Launcher

I’m looking for a model of the M320 grenade launcher that the Army has adopted in favour of the older M203.

The only models I’ve located are of the M79, the China Lake Grenade Launcher, or an M203 attached to various rifles.

Here’s the M320: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M320_grenade_launcher

If anyone has a prop of it that would work but if there’s a weapon model somewhere out there you can have a cookie and/or babies.

I have M4 with M320, hexed long time ago, rifle got somewhere in FPSBanana.
I can drop here if you want. :smile:

He was probably asking for the M320 on its own.

theres a gta iv release thread or something in the releases section

has a m320 im pretty sure

It actually has a HK69A1 which is similar, but not an exact match.

All I need is a prop of the grenade launcher itself but I can work with anything.

I haven’t found anything prop-wise let alone weapons.