M4 Recoil Way too high and explosives cost a tad too much

I’ve been using the m4 for a few days now and realised that for the amount of damage it deals,the recoil is a bit too high.

Also the explosive’s cost alot more than it should due to the fact that you need 15 to make 1 explosive charge,which is 300 gunpowder which is quite alot for just one

I think that it should be either 15 gunpowder for explosive’s or 10 explosive’s for an Explosive charge

explosives are far too cheap…

M4 is military grade and to be honest is just fine.
Explosives are too cheap IMO since it takes 1 to blow out a wall.

have you shot an M4 in real life?
i think the Recoil us just as it should be :slight_smile:

I agree 100% I can craft a c4 legit in about an hour or two of farming. Since 80% of bases can be looted to hell with under 10 c4 (and looting a base to hell usually gets you c4 of the mats to craft c4) i think they should make explosives (or c4) a little more expensive

Explosives are wayyy too cheap. People running around with 200 C4…

The M4’s recoil is fine. I suggest you to go to a shooting range and get a feel of a real weapon. Recoil of the guns is much bigger and harder to control than you think…

The recoil is too high. I’ve owned them all, 5.56 is tiny compared to most all other rifle rounds (7.62x39). The recoil reflected in game is accurate maybe if you weighed 100 lbs.