M4 Silencer

Is it recommended to attach a silencer on an M4 Ar?

It is truly your preference, do you like a more stealthy approach to brutally murdering your victims, or do you want to brutally go about murdering your victims brutally? Some people like to kill and not attract others to their gunshots, in that case, if it is you, then use a silencer, otherwise if you could care less… f the silencer and murder some dudes.

The silencer reduces both the range and power of your weapon. As Whiteley said, it comes down to preference.

The suppressor will block out your muzzle flash, but it will also make the m4 have the range of a pistol. Suggest you go into a pve and try it out against some animals. Start shooting from far away and slowly move closer. You will be surprised just how close you need to get before the bullets stop just looking like their hitting and actually start causing damage.

Personally, I prefer the silencer. However, I also wish I was a ninja.