M4 vs. MP5...full Kevlar. Who should win?

So I was running around today on my server and I see a guy in Kevlar kill a noob. So being the “good guy” i am I call over a buddy and we two take him on. We were both in full Kevlar with M4’s each. He had full Kevlar and an MP5. The guy took 4 grenades and 6-10 head shots from the both of us and still killed us.

Should that be the way such an encounter ends up?

6-10 headshots? i doubt it unless it was 1 headshot and then you gave him 20 seconds to heal before shooting him again

Depends on how far apart those shots landed? Did he have time to use medkits between? Eat food? What was the range? Did the grenades land at his feet or did they only hit him for some minimal damage? In all honesty i wouldn’t bother with grenades in open world combat, they are pretty useless, decent in a 1x1 space thou. I know id usually take an mp5 at close range but that’s personal preference.

Either heal, or a hacker.

Yeah, Medkits would give him an advantage, especially if you guys didn’t have any.

MP5’s are amazing I killed 2 full kevs with an MP5 right after joining a server with some pieces of leather armor. M4’s are like sniper rifles and since everybody uses them semi-automatic to conserve ammo they aren’t as good as the SMG. SMG has less recoil too.


If you get the same sound of a headshot from a player that you do from a zombie, I was putting one on him every 2-3 seconds for a good 10-15 second battle, plus my buddy was too. He was not healing or eating between.

Inarus not to offend you or anything but there are a lot of kids on games like this that go “OH I totally got a head shot on that guy Hes tottallyyyy a hacker guys!”

Asides from that if you and your friend were unleashing hellfire on him and he didn’t die then yes he probably was hacking.

How could you confirm that? There is no way to tell if someone is popping kits and food, no animation, no effect or visual indicator.

The only indicator is how long someone lasts while pinned down and taking hits, and by your own admission he lasted quite some time. All signs point to healing.

sound indicator but I wouldn’t be surprised if he couldn’t hear it over an M4

I would be more inclined to think he wasn’t hacking, i know nothing about hacking to be honest but i doubt there is a hack that gives you 400% health. It’d be god mode or not surely… and since you killed him id say he was probably just healing.

There isn’t a hack to give you more health or make you invuln. Player headshots do make the same sound as zombie headshots, but lagging on a zombie it still counts the headshot, lagging with a player it will make the sound but not show the hit marker, thus not counting the hit.
Stacking large health and small health while spamming chicken can heal you fairly quickly. I know i’ve taken about 10 hits in a row from a m4 while i was in kev and survived because i had health packs going.
Also i wouldn’t count grenade damage. If you hit him directly everytime he would still be able to heal faster than they would kill. With that i doubt the battle was only 10-15 seconds if you had time to throw 4 grenades before switching to your gun and getting headshots.

Pretty sure you only hear your own healing, never heard another person heal before

Were I 12 years old I would understand. I’m more than twice that age, still a kid by some accounts, but I know what a headshot sounds like. Additionally, I wasn’t spraying bullets. Like I said, 1 shot every 2-3 seconds.

And my question is in regards to healing, med kits don’t heal me that fast. I don’t think that a 556 round with a med kit popped right after would do less damage than a 9mm from an MP5 (What he shot me with) and would take me from 100 hp to 15 in 1 hit.

Again, I don’t have proof, I’m just wondering what is the likelihood that this guy was hacking? I think, based on a few things, that he was.

It would also support my hypothesis that not 2 minutes after we re-spawned in our base (VERY secluded, by the way) he was at our door blowing it up. Killed both of us again, with an MP5 vs. 2 M4’s (all three of us were in full Kevlar).

And based on how long it just took me to run back and destroy his house, it’s not possible he ran from his house to mine in the amount of time it took him to get there.

Again, I cannot prove anything, merely stating that I think he might have been.

What all this says to me is that healing occurs far too quickly.

So many factors at work here. MP5 is in theory a more viable weapon for close range because of the higher fire rate. M4 is more accurate and deals more damage so it’s better for ranged encounters.

Well its definitely possible, as anything is possible. And your correct in saying that medkits don’t heal you that fast, in fact, if you are hit after using a medkit all further returns are lost. So if you were using a small medkit and were hit after gaining 20hp, the other 30hp won’t be gained. And food has a cooldown, so essentially you need to spam food, small medkit, large medkit then repeat to gain max returns while being shot, and medkits have a max stack of 5 so this wouldn’t last too long.

I misread your original post and i thought you said that you killed him, which is why i thought he likely wasn’t hacking, still not sure as someone said that there is no invul hack, and i have never encountered one, that being said, this could have been an admin with godmode on…

game should reflect this principle, Nuff said

5.56 can pierce armor. an Mp40 with .40 or 9mm can’t. case closed.