M4 Weapon To be added back in.

If you’ve played old rust it was great with the M4, I just want to know what you guys think if we can add M4 back into the game as it was fun holding that big mother gun!

Assuming they do add it in, you would likely only be able to find it in helicopter crashes or military bases.

You’d only be able to find it in this bad boy.


the ak is basically the replacement for the M4(which was the stock assault rifle). if they were to put it in, i agree with the above; it should be loot only, and found in high tier loot zones.

But there’s a problem How it works is that we dont’ve any tiers for zones we just have a area?

not sure i follow what you are saying. last i checked, the radiation (that is currently turned off) had different strengths depending on the site it was tied to (ie tiers). so i would keep that, but have it spawn randomly (say 50/50 chance of spawning at a site, or in the wild). so you could carefully explore a ruin, and find that only the western end is actually radiated. or that the whole forest over near the water sphere is heavily irradiated.

derailing a bit, sorry. right, i might make a thread about this instead :slight_smile: