M4 will not go

i see in the last update garry post

“… One of our dreams is to make reloading more involved with modern weapons. We don’t want you to just press reload and it somehow, in the background, takes your clip out and fills it up with bullets from your inventory, then puts it back in …”

look like the rumor in this forum, the m4, p250,… weapons will be disappear and all replace by old weapon was false, it is a dream, a dream with tracer bullet…

i gonna say it again

they dont realy have a single idea what they want with this game or where it is going or… yeah anything at the momment…

They never stated they would be fully removed, the Reddit AMA said modern weapons would be made rarer and it is likely, although speculation, that they will be re-modelled as they are unity placeholder models currently. At this time I expect they will be made to look more worn and suiting to the developers vision of the game, what ever that may be/evolve into.

Sounds like they will invent magazines (clips), which you must preload. Maybe even introduce a 3-4 mag limit. When you burn through those you need to spend 3 mins reloading your magazines.

That would add more realism.

Still modern weapons are too strong, no matter how complicated reloading is. I would love it to see them removed or substantially nerfed damagewise.

Modern weapons are not too strong, they are just too easy to find/craft.
Making mil weapons a rare drops, without the possibility to craft them will make it much more realistic and special.

As for the clip reloading idea, I really love it.
For now only bow, pipe, revolver and shotgun have realistic reloading mechanism, other mil guns don’t, and I’m glad they are looking into it.

What if selfmade weapons were only a little bit crappier then the military ones? Like a little bit less accurate, not as fast with reloading, jams more often, misfiring ammo and that stuff.
And the modern, rare, machine-made guns would be better at those points, only granting small but noticeable advantages. Maybe the parts of the machine made guns would have more durability than selfmade gunparts.

And guns/tools should always be made of at least three parts (bow, hatchets, handcannon, …) with different attrition for each part.

I think that would make “modern”, machine-made weapons better/more reliable in a firefight but not overpowered.

Well that there will be no remooval of modern weapons doesnt irks me the most.

It’s this

Tracer rounds? Really? Ap ammo? Incendiary ammo? Or what else there is for different ammo.

Sorry, in my opinion there is no place in this game for such things.

Without guns, there is no need for anything modern. The airdrops go, C4 goes, pic Axe and hatchet must go, so basically everything that isn’t like the stone hatchet, heck even the pipe shotgun must go because it is too advanced. See what I am getting at there? If we take out guns but leave other things like planes going over head, Kevlar armor, or the hatchet, because they are all modernly made (The hatchet because it isn’t like the stone hatchet it is like it was bought in the store.). So just rip everything out but the rock and the bow, then is will truly be what you guys want. An easy game.

modern weapons should just be much more expensive to craft…


You should only get them from drops.
You shouldn’t be able to craft them.
The durability should be toned down a bit but once you’ve repaired it too many times that’s it gone.

Outcome. modern guns are only used for base defense and raids not for chasing nakeds through fields for the “lolz”

Will this happen ? not a chance the FPS crowd (you know the type) will leave in droves

This is not a good way to nerf powerful weapons. All this achieves is making them inaccessible to solo players and gives large groups a huge advantage. The nerfs to weapons should be to do with using the weapon not crafting it. Changes to attributes like range, recoil, sway, rate of fire and clip size are a good way to balance weapons but it would also be nice to see more original ideas like weapon jamming and the recently mentioned magazine loading idea implemented.

I don’t even think the m4 is op, a kev guy with a p250 against a kev guy with an m4 has a decent chance of winning if he isn’t half bad