M41A Pulse Rifle

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Armat Ltd. M-41A Pulse Rifle

[tab]Includes:[/tab] M-41A Pulse Rifle model, separate full/empty mag models.

[tab]Credits:[/tab] Nirrti/Ilwrath (modelhacking, secondary skins, model tweaking), Doku (Original model)


I noticed that the stock bodygroup I gave the model is actually not how the stock works in the gun. The stock doesn’t actually extend at all, It’s solid. So, don’t mind that bodygroup, unless you really want to.

To change the intensity of the glowing hot barrel skin, simply open the .vmt named “pulse_rifle_hot” and change the value of $detailblendfactor.

You have my download, thanks for it man :smiley:

Such a sexy gun, great work.

Such a damn nice model. Great work on the skins and bodygroups.

got my download ^^ Great model, hoping it would be turned into a swep someday lol

That looks absolutely :rock:


Great job on this gun, Nirrti.

This is the thing from Alien correct, it looks like it anyway.


And here I was about to beg you for this model.

Someone should make colonial marines to fit it, nice work

Pirate JE-SUS! that looks AWESOME

Alright! :smiley:

Thanks for releasing it.

Yes. Now all we need are some Marines.

Well, Bloocobalt’s Enclave soldiers look a lot like Colonial Marines, so if we ask him, maybe he’d be willing to reskin them to something closer.

for css?


What in God’s name would make you think that?

Fucking awesome man! Thanks

Aliens, actually :eng101: