I am looking for a M4A1 that looks like this. http://www.specialoperations.com/Weapons/M4.html
It would have an acog scope,laser,removeable sound suppresser,forward hand grip, and a double clip.

If you could get a model from fpsbanana from css, then someone could make it using a scope with an acog like overlay and a removeable silencer is easy because all m4 skins have them because there from css. They could give it 45 ammo count like an extendend mag and a Toggleable LAM isnt hard.
So get a model or get out.

Scope don’t work

Obviously you just make it use said overlay instead of ironsights, or if the model doesnt have just a reflection material and is an actual 3d red dot sight then you could just position the ironsights to use the scope, but you wouldnt have your acog, youd have a red dot sight.


It looks like from the screenshots it would work properly, hold on.