M9K ammo issues

I just installed M9K onto my DarkRP server. When I spawn ammo through the Q menu it works great, but when I added the ammo to the f4 menu on DarkRP when you buy it it doesn’t work. No errors or anything. You can push e on it and it disappears but it doesn’t add to your ammo. Here is what I added to my ammotypes.lua file

GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_pistol", "Pistol Ammo", "models/items/boxsrounds.mdl", 40, 50)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_sniper_rounds", "Sniper Rounds", "models/items/boxmrounds.mdl", 40, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_smg", "SMG Ammo", "models/items/boxsrounds.mdl", 90, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_winchester", "WinchesterAmmo", "models/items/boxmrounds.mdl", 30, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_buckshot", "Shotgun Ammo", "models/items/boxbuckshot.mdl", 24, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_ar2", "Assault Rifle Ammo", "models/items/boxmrounds.mdl", 90, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_357", ".357 Ammo", "models/items/357ammo.mdl", 24, 100)

this thread has a fix: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1303991&p=42048811

Some of the guns including the pistol, shotgun, and smgs use regular ammo. For rifles add “ar2” and I would assume you winchester and 357 are defaults also if not add them to your entities. Alternatively you can go through all the guns shared.lua and change the ammo type.

Thanks guys.