M9k Ammo types?

I’m having trouble configure m9k ammo types on my server…

Below is the ammo types I’m using, you can use them and all, they just dont give ammo. I have no idea what to do.

GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_pistol", "Pistol Ammo", "models/items/boxsrounds.mdl", 40, 50)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_sniper_rounds", "Sniper Rounds", "models/items/sniper_round_box.mdl", 40, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_smg", "SMG Ammo", "models/items/boxsrounds.mdl", 90, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_winchester", "WinchesterAmmo", "models/items/sniper_round_box.mdl", 30, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_buckshot", "Shotgun Ammo", "models/items/boxbuckshot.mdl", 24, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_ar2", "Assault Rifle Ammo", "models/items/boxmrounds.mdl", 90, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_357", ".357 Ammo", "models/items/357ammo.mdl", 24, 100)
GM:AddAmmoType("m9k_ammo_rockets", "RPG Ammo", "models/items/ammocrates/craterockets.mdl", 1000, 3)

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You could not use ammotypes and just add them to the addentities as an AddEntity.

I have edited all of the M9K weapons so they only use pistol, smg1, and buckshot ammo.

you gotta addammotype in a autorun.lua and then make entits what on use gives you the ammo

Lol what? @Ashrobhoy

I could do that Damnedone, but then I cant specify how much it gives the user.