M9k guns shown as errors

Hello I added m9k guns to my server but to other people they look like errors. I use nfoservers.com so I used their method to force download things (which was add them to my steam workshop collection, then add it to this folder in my ftp) this works well for everything for my servers except my m9k weapons. BTW inside that ftp folder is code saying AddWorkshopFile ( “collectionid” ) or something like that and like I said before this works. Now back to the m9k weapons, I did the force download method, added all 4 m9k weapon pack folders to my addons by using GMAD extractor, and web-synced my server. I still have no idea why they are showing up as errors so any help will be helpful, thanks.

Remove the addon from your local machine and see if it properly downloads on join. This is what I released to help with adding resources to a game-mode, including workshop files ( in the form of empty .gma files ): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/_systems/simple_recursive_resource_loader/sv_add_gamemode_resources.lua.html

Example for M9K weapons; put these 4 files into server/garrysmod/<GM_NAME>/content/workshop/*




The script removes everything from the file-name except digits; ensure no excess digits are in the name ( hence nine being spelt out for m9k weapons ), it does this to allow for a user-friendly explanation of what it is.

I uninstalled the addons from my local machine and when I joined the server my m9k guns showed up as errors. So since they do not download properly what should I do?

Correct; the server isn’t set up correctly to have clients download them, or your download settings are changed ( options, multiplayer ).

If you download those 4 empty .gma files and put them into your gamemode_name/content/workshop/ directory, and use the resources script I provided; it’ll ensure that the m9k packs download… or it’ll at least ensure the server is set up correctly ( resource.AddWorkshop )…

Ok thanks for telling me this, now I just have two more things to say. First off I use darkrpmodification addon so will that affect where I put the gma files? Secondly how do I download those 4 gma files since when I click them they just bring me to a blank page. Is there something special I need for it?

Right click, save target / link as. They are empty files; the only importance of it is the name…

It isn’t set up for use in darkrpmodification; but there should be no issue adding content to the game-mode folder directly. The one I’ll be releasing shortly will have support for virtual directories, gamemodes, etc…

Ok I am getting everything you told me now except one thing. So if I want to add the gma files I will have to do it with my FTP right? Now say I do that, where exactly would I put it because the gamemode_name part you said was getting me a little off guard. Do I put the files in garrysmod/gamemodes/darkrp?

You’d put them on the same server you put your normal files / updates for gamemode, etc…

For my system, you’d put them into: garrysmod/gamemodes/darkrp/content/workshop/

Sorry but I still don’t know where to add them. Do they go to my addons? Or somewhere else since I don’t have that folder that you have, I have garrysmod/gamemodes/darkrp/content but no workshop in there. Sorry if I seem stupid but I really don’t know where you want me to put the files.

I would just like to say the problem is solved. I looked at another thread for this (acecool you helped in this one) and it helped me get a better understanding. Thank you for all of your help.