M9K guns shows as error, clients can't download gun models.

So I just installed the TTT version of m9k assault rifles. New clients can’t see models, they will show as a huge red error. It worked for me when I added it to my collection, I also tried to add it to the server through this. I used gmad extractor and tried to add both client and server side addons to my addons folder. Does the client side version belong there? I made sure I included sound etc when I first extracted M9K to my server.

Thank you for the help.

The server needs to resource.AddWorkshop( x ) the id for m9k weapon pack so that the client knows they have to download it.


Not sure which one you have, but you only need the number from whichever one you need the models for, or all of them…

Thank you, in which file did I put that again?

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Never mind, It’s the workshop.lua, under autorun/server.

Is this right?

It requires a string if I recall correctly, so add quotes around that number and you should be fine!

Edit: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/resource/AddWorkshop
Yep: resource.AddWorkshop( string workshopid )

Please don’t use resource.addworkshop because last time I checked, it cannot tell if the client has already has the file. This means, if I’ve already got all the m9k stuff and I join your server, I have to redownload 200mb for gun models :suicide:

Place it on fastdl, write up a resource.addfile thing inside autorun/lua/server and it’ll all be much better.

I’d rather download something twice on Workshop than having to deal with FastDL. Even if you resource.AddSingleFile for the m9k weapons extracted on the server, the client would then need to download them, or?

And yeah, I’m not sure why that was never addressed where the addons from servers are in cache/servers or download/servers/ – I just unsubscribe to all of the addons my server uses, then I only have it once, it only loads them when I go on the server too ( this option may not work for everyone though as some may enjoy sandbox singleplayer ).

Edit, if all you need to do is add the gma to fastdl, that’s a different story; it would be an interesting idea / fix if it works…

Upload the clientside .gma to fastdl?