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So yes i am converting M9K over to TTT and I know I am going to get shit for this but yes for right now I am just changing the bases and a couple other things. What I want to know though is how to fix an issue that I am having. All of the guns work great but when the gun is out of ammo and you drop it, when you pick up the weapon again it has full ammo. does anyone know how to fix this. Any held would be greatly appreciated.

SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip = 0 --Find and change to zero

is there any other way because not the gun doesnt spawn with ammo

Make sure your ClipSize and DefaultClip match up set the ClipMax:

SWEP.Primary.ClipSize			= 20		
SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip		= 20		
SWEP.Primary.ClipMax     = 60

Edit: I work on a few weapons previously. I used all packs and they’re kinda mashed up together. Here’sthe ones I worked on.
(Keep in mind that the weapon_tttbase.lua file is edited to accommodate for the custom M9K zooms.)

Double Edit: I forgot to comment in that the edited part belongs to _Jacob so yeah.

wow i really appreciate you postin that i just cant download it it wont let me :confused:

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nvm it works now

I’ve never used Mediafire but here you go

the weapons were very glitchy and they were not spawning in on round start