M9K Help

I do not believe this is the right place for this but i do not see any other suitable place for it so im placing this thread here. My question is what is the easiest way to NERF or change the damage values of M9K weapons? I have been trying to do this for a long while but i have no idea how to go about it. One way is going through every single weapon and changing the SWEP.Damage but its not always accurate. I would also like to know how could i make it also base off range like if someone shoots from a long distance it hurts them less with all m9k weapons. These questions have had me confused and i have been doing tons of learning with lua trying to figure all this out on my own i think it is about time i ask for support and or help. Thank you for listening and attempting to help in advance. If you could also put a example of how to do it in your reply because like i said im still learning lua fully.

Changing the Damage values per weapon is the best way to balance. As for a range decay, you can implement my CS styled firing function into your weapons which decays damage based on range: https://github.com/SuperiorServers/plib_v2/blob/master/lua/plib/extensions/player.lua#L691

How would i add that exactly, sorry like i said im still learning lua fully

IIRC M9KDamageMultiplier is a convar that exists, or something close to that.

It would require a pretty hefty restructure of the weapons. If you’re just learning Lua, playing around with the already-present weapon variables and convars is the best way to start.