M9K/Mad Cow Weapons ammotypes.lua Help Needed.

I have been looking EVERYWHERE, and me and my co-owner have tried everything to fix this problem.

In my ammotypes.lua, I need to know what to put for the following code, that is supposed to make the M9K/Mad Cow Weapons Ammo type “.45 Ammo” Spawn in. It spawn in, but when you try to pick it up, nothing happens. I probably am not putting the correct name for the ammo, but heres the code:
---------------------The .45 is where im going wrong. I have tried a ton of names for that, but none of them work.

GM:AddAmmoType(".45", “Sniper Ammo”, “models/items/sniper_round_box.mdl”, 80, 30)

I moved this here because It was originally in the normal help, which I saw wasnt where you put threads about coding.

I figured it out, never mind.