M9K Melee weapons doing no damage?

Alright so i run a darkRP server and i use M9k Special, and i have a Melee dealer who sells spears/swords/knifes etc etc, well for some reason, they do no dmg to players/entitys/anything for that matter, but you can pick them up and they seem like they would work, so i poked around in FPP but that wasent causing it, and i cant figure it out, it is very odd.

Works fine for me. One of your addons is conflicting.

Im afraid M9K is becoming old, and obsolete. Im not sure why, but the addons stopped working for me as well. I reccomend FAS Sweps(http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180507408) They are definitely reliable, more asthetically pleasing, customizable, and definitely for a serious RP Server. Hope this helps

Thank you for this information! and these weapons looks amazing! i cant wait to test them out, also do you have a link for all the ammo code? ammo doesent like me when i try to get it to work.

When you suscribe to it go to you your addons folder, find the fas weapons ammo .gma and extract it.
And there you have the source code

Actually m9k isnt broken, i tried different melee dmg, they dont do any dmg aswell

i love these weapons, but i cannot get the shipments to show up! i added them all, but they refuse to show up for the job that can sell them.

Are you sure you putting the weapons clasd correctly?