M9k safe mode

Question, has anyone m9k base with safe mode I need for dark rp server, looking for a lot can not find.

This weapon base is so old, I advise you to change your weapons to something newer and more efficient like TFA or ArcCW.

I understand, but I need a m9k with safe mode

read desc.

Dont work

read description, you need to

also required add-ons

I tried but I can not and do not understand how to do it, if you do not find it difficult to make a video and upload it to YouTube

"If it doesn’t work

Check all the steps below:

You have to extract the addon. Create a new folder with a name without capital letters, spaces and special characters. You have to drag the lua folder that is in the RAR or ZIP file that you have downloaded, into the folder you just created. Put the folder you just created in the addon folder of your game or server and restart your game or server.

If it still doesn’t work, check that your keys are properly configured.

This addon to only was tested for the official M9K weapons.

If this still doesn’t work, the problem doesn’t come from my addon but from your game. Try to clear the cache."
The pinned discussion has this…