M9K Shipments for DarkRP

So I’ve been wondering if there is any code someone has on M9K shipments that I could possibly use…
And/Or, I’ve also been having a problem when I looked at a really closely related thread. They used this as their solution to it: http://pastebin.com/fxkjf3xN . However when I tried to use it, I got errors and also I realized there were Mad Cow Weapons in there, weapons I don’t at the moment use.
So thanks in advance of any help you can give me!

Just change all instances where it says weapon_mad to the M9K counterpart.

Thank you so much for the awnser! However one thing, might I ask, dosn’t that require having to find all of the model packs for M9K and their codes?

Would it also just fix this is I install this: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=114153 ?

No because that’s outdated. You can use the ones on the workshop, however.

Can you please show me one? I’ve actually been searching for one but I’ve always found one thats too old or broken?

OK. SORRY. But by anychance could you possibly send me this extracted? I have an extracter, but when I try extracting it gets stuck on a model. thanks!

Try this: http://www.treesoft.dk/gmod/gmad/

I know, I use GMad. In fact I recently got the new version just to see if it would help.