m9k specialties 40mm grenades and throwable weapons to bounce off tdm cars

As you may know, m9k specialties weapons that “explode on penetration” when hitting tdm cars may crash you with an indece errors, i was seeing if the grenade entity that is fired out of grenade launcher and the throwable weapons could maybe be programmed in some way to bounce off these tdm cars so it doesnt create the error. I’m not really fussed about the rocket launchers.

Would make more sense to make them not place decals onto the vehicles, since this is what causes the crash.

For example:

function ENT:PhysicsCollide(data, physobj)

Add an exception into there so that if the ent = vehicle it doesn’t place the decal. I’m not going to write the entire thing for you, but this is more than enough of a guide how to do it.
Also, wrong forum section.

my bad XD thanks for the help though!