M9K/Texture Problem!

Hello Guys, im new on this forum and i got 2 problems on my game.

I joined a server called eggyrp without downloading all files.

Texture Error:

I got cs:s and i selected it!

So it downloaded only a few!
After i joined i played on it and if i shooted with a gun this came up

Please anyone help me, the M9K creator is writing with me. But he needs 10 hours to reply.

Please i don’t know what to do.

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this happen on every server

Download all the files?
Either that or you pirated the CS:S assets


to your gameinfo.txt file

like Potatofactory said you’ll need to own and have CSS installed for it to work :slight_smile:

I have lol?=

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I downloaded CS:S, i mean!

I removed the css content addon!

And then iinstalled css

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and i cant hear m9k sounds slol

What does CS:S got to do with the crap M9K mod?

I don’t know, check the screenshots black square box.

Maybe with muzzle flash?

If the muzzle flases are custom textures the .vmt could be missing $alpha 1

Hm, can i get the files or something?! idk what to do