M9K Weapons Ammo Duplication Glitch!

So I just recently created a Dark Roleplay server with M9K packs installed on it. I have all the packs installed 100% correct and no errors. I fixed the shooting through props and dropping your weapon once you run out of ammo problems, but I can’t seem to fix the problem when you /drop or /dropweapon you drop the weapon and pick the weapons back up it gives you more and more ammo each time you do this.

If anyone has a fix for this issue please reply below.

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Decompile it and fix it yourself-- it should be a single line of code.

That’s the whole issues here. I have no clue where to search for this “single line of code”. What folder, config, etc?

All of them-- M9K is a SWEP pack. Go into each gun’s folders (if you can’t find those god help you) and change the script yourself.

noooo why did you tell everyone

You are looking for these lines only in each of the weapon’s “shared.lua”.

SWEP.Primary.ClipSize = 30 – Size of a clip
SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip = 30 – Bullets you start with

Match the Primary.DefaultClip number to the Primary.ClipSize number.

Problem solved.