M9K weapons errors

I’m trying to use M9K weapons pack to my server from here:

I added them to a shipment and whenever I try to click E on the shipments, it gets stuck in the air, cannot move (some duplicate of the shipment) and says that 0 left.

I get this error :
Model Missing: models/weapons/w_fn_fal.mdl
[ERROR] gamemodes/darkrp/entities/entities/spawned_weapon/init.lua:13 Tried to use invalied object <type IPhysicsObject> <object was Null or not of the right type>

The path is correct as I can see, I don’t know why it gives me it…
Any ideas?

The model doesn’t exist on the server / not mounted correctly.

If you’re using workshop content, make sure the server is set to download it:

Although, I believe some of m9k packs are too large to download automatically, so you may need to put the gma in the addons folder on the server manually.

I placed them in my addon
This is a home-server on my computer, so I just mounted CSS from my files, I will try to mount HL too