M9K Weapons Pack DarkRP (Shipments+Weapons)

I made a code that makes easier to install M9K weapons on a DarkRP server.

You have a DarkRP server and you need more guns?
Just download my code and the M9K addons then install it! You dont need any knowage of scripting my code does the rest! But how you install my code? Here is a video tutorial that helps you out!

You don’t want to use my default prices?
NO PROBLEM! There is text file that explains the rest of the code and helps you how to change the prices and the gun amount in the shipments.


open .lua files with Notepad,MSWord or Notepad++(recommended)

Everything is working af far i tested(Guns/Shipments/Models/Sounds/Your computer/etc.).

If you have problem please tell me and i’ll help you.
(making the code)

People should stop using that overusered weapon pack, on their overusered downtown with TDM cars.
Its just some remodels + animations [Awful animation] found in Gamebanana with lua code on it.

But i seen a lot of servers with it and they full of errors…
So i make this to make it easier…

And yeah simple pack but looks good and i don’t like the default css weapons…

And yeah i think so… there are too many servers using it (wrong)…
And this code “repaires” the errors that made by newbie’s mistakes…

If i see errors on a server that made by server-side I try to help.
If i see working addons on a server i would be happy :slight_smile:

And last… Thanks for your support…!

This seems helpful to small server owners just starting up but M9K has already been done to death. This’ll just give more crappy DarkRP servers overused weapons. Plus I’m sure in Koolaidminis custom printers there’s already a premade shipment file for both drugs and M9K weapons. :v:

I installed FA:S weapons and I absolutely love them, the animations are on point, the graphics are amazing, the gun smoke is dynamic and the best of all you can make a black market dealer that sells attachments for them. People love these guns.

Or just use CS:S weapons and stop making people download a fuckton of models.

or split the difference and use customizable weapons, while only using the guns that use default CSS models. If it’s still working, that is.


Thank you for this! I just made a server and its helping me!

The links doesnt work???

  • M9K Addons + Code: http://••••••••1lWmZFI
  • Code Only (If you have M9K installed): http://••••••••1pDXoqU
  • Customization Guide: http://••••••••1flyMhX

What you did was basically take a piece of shit and spray air freshener on it, it smells better but it’s still a piece of shit. M9K sucks ass, it’s a slapped together barrage of poorly made weapons on a poorly made base with gamebanana models that every child and their mother uses for god knows why. Use CW2.0, it’s done so much better and allows for custom attachments.

Please tell me this is a joke.

Update, just realizing this was necro-bumped. Send dumbs my way, it’s on me.

Wow ty but the link are not working…