M9k weapons too op ?

Hey guys, im just a little curious of those that have servers using m9k weapons, do you find the base gun too op? I was looking for a way to balance them out, and although i can go through and edit all the guns individually i feel like there may be a better way?
I know next to nothing about lua so i have no idea what im doing. Also i tried putting in some of the console commands through console and rcon to change spread and damage and neither worked ( though in the files i can manually change them). Is the only way to succesfully balance them is change them all individually? sorry for this shitty post im a downie thanks in advance for any suggestions


Redid m9k and balanced the weapons also.

I’m pretty sure you can set the damage multiplier for m9k weapons through the Q menu.

@FireWolf2525 yeah i thought i could too i remember it being there before, but i dont have the tool :s:

yeah, i dont have that. is it a seperate addon?

Yes! i actually googled m9k settings before you sent that and found it, thank you so much! i tried the files the guy sent before but it only seemed to change a few weapons, i tried this addon on my server and i restarted it and it actually saved, youre a life saver firewolf thanks :excited:

I’m pretty sure that if you get shoot you most likely die, I’m not that fan of shooters in Gmod since it feels really op whenever it works like that

I don’t know if you mean me, but I redid the whole m9k gun base and stuff and likely redid every single weapon, so for sure everything is changed.