M9K Weapons

Just tested it out
Each time M9K weapon gets empty from ammunition at all, reserve and magazine,
its just dissapear from users hands.
Any help how to fix it?

I’m sure M9K just tries to remove the weapon but doesn’t switch to a new one. You can either look for the removal code or use a new base – which I highly recommend.

Why would m9k try to remvoe the weapon, new base? where?
I just see where there is exactly 0magazina and 0reverse the weapon is being
‘deleted’ from users’ inventory

No idea, but if it’s happening when it runs out of ammo, it seems to be an intentional behaviour.

That is intentional and there is an option to make it not do that.
What you are looking for is the Murderthon 9000 Administration addon.

Edit: You can also just use “M9KWeaponStrip 0” in your servers console. (Not your client console, the server console aka rcon.)

Ok thanks!