M9k World Models with DarkRP

I installed M9k weapons for my DarkRP server, and they work fine. However, when I spawn them in as a gun dealer, they drop on the ground as an AK model, or whatever their respective “class” of weapons is (Snipers will appear as the SG550 sniper, ect.). Sometimes it’s even stranger, like with the SR-25. When I first spawn in the weapon as a gun dealer, the world model is an AK-47. I’ll pick it up, and /drop it. Then it looks like a SG550 sniper rifle. If I then spawn it using the toolgun from the “Q” menu, it looks like the actual SR-25 world model. When I look at the lua file for the weapon, I see two world models.

SWEP.VM = “models/weapons/view/support/sr25.mdl”
SWEP.WM = “models/weapons/w_sr25.mdl”
SWEP.WorldModel = “models/weapons/w_snip_sg550.mdl”

Is there any way to fix this so that when I spawn in the weapon, it always appears as the correct world model?

Also, here is the code for the shipment that I use for the weapon. I don’t know if this matters, but I figured that I would put it in here anyways.

DarkRP.createShipment(“SR25”, {
model = “models/weapons/w_sr25.mdl”,
entity = “fas2_sr25”,
price = 1000,
amount = 10,
separate = true,
pricesep = 100,
noship = true,
allowed = {TEAM_HEAVYGUN},
shipmodel = “models/items/item_item_crate.mdl”,
label = “SR25”,

Set the WM and WorldModel to the same thing. Also, make sure the guns have both

Do you have CS:S installed and mounted on the server?

They’re custom models; they’re not the default CS:S weapons.

But do you have it installed and mounted?

That doesn’t matter