Maasterrr Spaarku! - Touhou Spellcards

Hi !

Just showing some little anecdote thingie I’ve been working on. I don’t know if I had to post it in GMod videos, or “That kind of crap” or here because it has a bit of those three.

Original Video :

Newer video:

Basically It’s Marisa’s “Master Spark” spellcard (from Touhou SWR) re-done in GMod. Not perfectly, it does no damage, it’s just for the visuals.
(I don’t actually know exactly which kind of spark it is)

I don’t think I’d continue with other spellcards, it was only an experiment with GMod particles.

But I’ll leave the thread open here for impressions. If this has some potential I could look into pursuing it.

Thanks for watching !

That looks quite nice actually

omg release it when its done.

touhou is the game i love the most the game hes playing is *Hisoutensoku or Unthinkable Natural Law

*its a fun game

That was pretty awesome.

it sholdnt be too have to make it hurt people after that it looks good for a release

Hey, since it’s just a particle, could we please get it? It would be useful for…

Just read this thread, kk?
Danmaku guns - Sakuya version

Cirno is now made too, and if we could get that thing it would help us alot when we get to Marisa

We’ll give you credit for it, don’t worry!

I seriously loled.


Just stick to nice release ._.

Newer video :

HAha awesome i cant wait for this =3

AND PUT An npc infront of it and it’ll go BSHDFSDBEDJFVMD

I really can’t wait for this

no it won’t…he said its just an effect for now ._.

althot i think it lasts longer in SWR/UNL =o

But then it might get annoying and laggy :saddowns:

Don’t know what Touhou is but that is some sexy particle effect.

i sead lasts longer not is longer

as in the masterspark is stays out a longer time then being all the way across the map, what would kill the game engine lol

like @ 0:16

Ha3, if you need the effects for master spark, you can find them here, here, orhere.
Or, if you need the original single images (128x128, 256,256), I have the ones from UNL.

Thanks for the link (although I already had them :o).

Though, you can understand I can’t possibly use single-purpose cropped sprites for 2D plane usage. I had to do a some improvisation on the particle effect (example on the screenshot I gave out) so that generic effects can render any other type of volumetric effect on the 3D space.

So I’ve piled up several generic white-and-colourable sprites for use (Ring::Blur, Ring::Aura, Disc::Blur, Disc::Aura, Arch::Aura, Spellcard::Unique). Then I improvise with these effects to render something very close to the original, WHILE working on the 3D plane viewed from any angle.

Straightline laser are multiple Disc::Blur with a long length shrinking, Blast is an unique reiterated Arch::Aura, there are several Disc::Blur for volumetric love-couloured fog (multiple colors are blended together sparkling every frame), Disc::Aura for the blue sparklings and white lights from the spellcaster hands, Ring::Aura for the rings at the middle, …
So instead of one bland sprite for the effects, I actually have to combine lots of generic (because it wouldn’t actually look any good otherwise, it would look like some texture was applied on a surface and nothing more).

Main problem here is that the density of the effect (explosion of light from additive values) highly depend on the framerate : If the player can’t maintain a framerate over 12 FPS at any time, the effect can decrease in intensity (that what actually happened in Source Recorder : While playtesting, the effect was desired (we could see the volumetric fog around it), while when Source Recording, the effect was overintense because I designed the effect while working on a slow-specs computer. So when I reversed the effect, the volumetric fog didn’t show up enough in Source Recorder, and it shows up even less in-game).

Genius as always, Ha3