Mac 10

Hello Guys,

i’m new in the “world of models” but…

here is my first model…

what do you think ? :smiley:


wow thats your first model? Nice :o could do with a few more details but its great

Thx dude :smiley:

The wire stock looks a bit on the short side, but otherwise it looks really impressive. Especially for a first model.

good effort looks, very good for a first!


It’s your first model? I can’t believe it, it looks really good…

It’s a mac-10, it doesn’t have details :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course I have no idea how much you know about guns, but just to make sure, you do know it’s collapsible, right?

Anyway, nice model.

Great work so far. The mag looks a little short and the “semi” and “auto” letters are too pronounced but, other than that, nice work.

kinda don’t believe that it’s your first model but looks good

I know it’s collapsible, but why would he model it partly collapsed? That wouldn’t make any sense. You would either have it completely collapsed or uncollapsed.

If this is your first model , I can’t imagine what your later ones will be like

when i saw this thread i thought

-snip due to just realising it-

you’ve got to be pretty bad if you think somebody would even make a model of a imac

Quite a good Mac-10 model there…

Which program do you use?, and great model!

awesome! id say: trigger cover is too wide, and front edges on grip is too sharp but awesome!

3DS MAX 2009 sry dont rply before >.<

and thx guys !!
and² yes… is my first model :smiley:

OBS: 3 Hours working ^^

Not bad. Just a question: the semi/auto text, is that made of actual polys? Because that is way overkill for an in-game model.

no no

is a text tool :3