Mac all servers - freeze/disconnected within seconds

After playing 107hrs in two weeks, including on v. osx 1173, I have been disconnected after seconds from all all official or community servers, high or low ping, for 36hrs. Have totally reloaded steam/rust twice. My internet connection speed/config has not changed but I still can’t play. Love this game but can’t stay connected. Other Mac users find it’s suddenly just not working? Solutions? Thanks

Message is like this:

Disconnected: Message timed out
Returning to main menu
TimeWarning: Stdmsg.C1. On disconnect took… [variable]

This is on servers with pings as low as 50ms to 250ms

quite literally suddenly not working actually, i was in the middle of playing and it froze earlier and then it wouldn’t let me join any servers at all… i tried a bit later and now i can join official servers but not the community ones for some reason, i’m really relieved to see i’m not the only one lol

I don’t really have much of an idea about macs at all. When you say reloaded what do you mean? A verification of the game files in Steam or a full uninstall/reinstall?

Seems like it may be some kind of recent bug/issue if it is affecting multiple users of the mac persuasion.

There is potentially a pretty big update out this weekend. unsure specifically if it contains a bug fix for your particular issue but the update may sort some of these niggling issues out.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

Both, verify plus uninstalled steam and game twice. Hopefully that update might fix it. Thanks

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This might be coincidental but I reset my router [not unplugged] back to original settings and can connect now through the router but am not using my airport express wifi, the router directly.