MAC: Could not load library client.

I have been getting a problem with garry’s mod since gmod 13 came out. It freezes on start of the game and when I alt between the screens i see something that says engine error could not load library client. Can anybody help I would appreciate it.

back up important things, and delete all the content, try re-downloading it?
That’s usually my go-to, besides removing all addons to see if any of those were causing issues.

It’s your punishment for using a mac. Always go with windows and you’ll be forever safe.

I’ve tried it a couple more times it didn’t seem to work.

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In my opinion Macintosh is better then windows for what I use it for anyways. You see I use my mac for graphic arts and create something new everyday. Whether it would be designing a logo for a business or maybe performing arts for personal uses. I prefer mac over pc just because of the type of person that I am and each person has individual uses for their OS that they use For me I prefer mac. For some people who game a lot and need the compatibility would use PC. I wish I did have a pc for gaming but the funds are not there to supply me with it. It would not be a smart investment considering I would typically never use it other then to play garry’s mod. I hope Garry Newman fixes garry’s mod for the mac. I enjoy playing his game and it is very fun. It actually sometimes inspires me for my working atmosphere. It’s been Lovely debating with you Lonke but as I must conclude this conversation so I can get back to the main factor of my conversation, Which would be to fix my problem with Garry’s mod not working on macintosh. Thank you for your kind post. (EDIT) I would also like to add to our debate that I would not be forever safe on a PC considering when I had one it was filled with viruses and with mac I don’t even need protection and I haven’t had 1 virus in the five years that I have had a mac. So if anything I would be safer on macintosh rather then windows. If you have Facts stating that PC is safer I will look into them.

bump! I really need help on this. It is my favorite game and I want to play so bad.

I’ve had my windows computer for I’d say a bit over 3 years, and I have not ever got any viruses. If you dont want to have any viruses, dont download them. Anyways as far as I remember I’m running Garrys Mod fine on my mac, that might have changed tough.

I can’t run it.