Mac gaming problems..

I don’t know if this is only me… but every time I try to play this game on my new macbook pro… it crashes my computer as I get into a map… Is there a certain settings I am supposed to use or is there some extra steps I am missing? I am trying to enjoy this, but all i have is problems at the moment…

The only step you missed was you tried gaming on a mac instead of a pc
Try making sure you graphics drivers are up to date

You are so funny! Really you should be an comedian.

You are playing the current version (not the new experimental branch)?

I can play fine on a new MacBook pro. What is your ram?

I have the grass off, and a few other settings turned off via the console. Do that, and you should be ok. I can’t understand why you would be crashing right away though. Maybe try to reinstall the game via steam?

I play on a 2009 iMac with 4gb ram. So I guess it’s not you’re hardware.

How is 4gb of ram useful? how awful is your video card on that mac? that’s what everyone looks at first to determine if your… mac… can be used for gaming… cant believe i said that.

2009 imac would have horrendous processing power.

I had the same problem when I started playing on my Macbook. I download Mavericks trough the app store and after Rust worked perfectly.

Hope it helps you out :slight_smile:

Someone here managed to get the experimental branch working on Mac OS ?

I’ve read something about launching from a shortcut on the desktop but it does not work for me…

Ty and good luck balvino

We need the OP to tell us more info: experimental branch? and how much ram?

Why am I asking the ram? Because I know 100% that Rust works very well on a new Macbook with 8 Mg ram. I am pretty sure with 4 Mg ram it will work fine. All MacBooks now have the same intel graphics card, which is relatively powerful (not a gaming card, but quite good for Intel HD graphics).

If the OP cannot play on a new macbook, he is probably doing something wrong. It has been very nice I can play Rust on my Macbook without any problems. Older MacBooks may have some issues.

When rust first came about (standard version), I had issues getting it to load the map too, I think I had to put the render quality down to 0 from the in game settings menu, that fixed the crash for me.

After a few hours of messing around, I deleted all local content of rust, reinstalled the standard version, then turned on the experimental version, ran absolutely fine after that.