MAC: Garry's mod KNOWN BUG: Legacy addons don't mount

I tried to search for a forum about it, but i don’t have perms for searching for some reason. anyways…

Macs currently cannot mount legacy addons (addons you download, then install manually into the folders)

Does anyone know if garry even knows this? or if he is working on it?

I know macs are always put on the back-burner, like with the 3 month long sound glitch caused by a single “!”, but everywhere i look, it seems like no one knows about this.

I’ve been having this issue too. I have downloaded Wire mod and Spacebuild ones as a usually do and placed them in the addons folder. Despite this usually normal way to add the mods on none of them work. My brother (who is on Windows) has done this the exact same way and works prefectly on his computer.

I have a feeling Gmod 13 is still glitchy on Mac and addons don’t work… I hope this can get fixed soon. I want to join my friends in multiplay but can’t.

I got bad news for you. Your just gonna have to wait until it is fixed for Mac. Sorry

oh, i know imma have to wait. im just tired of being left in the dust for fixing tiny PC errors while all mac users cant even play the game.