[Mac] Garrys Mod multiplayer is broke...

Want: Get on a server

Problem: Crashes

If your going to say
“YHOu hAVE A BaD MAc TTrrOllolol”

No. I don’t have a bad mac. It plays multiplayer really good with out performance problems, even on big maps, but this was before multiplayer broke.
This video states this too.

Any Help

Good for everyone.

Have you tested on multiple servers?

Are you getting any error messages? Post them.

The best way to get trolled is informing everyone that you are expecting it. Edit your post to conform with previous statement.

Does it crash instantly when you try to join a server? Does it come up with an error of some kind? Please give me a little more detail than just saying it crashes.

I have a feeling this is a troll thread because just yesterday he returned and he apparently has a problem just as soon as he gets on FP.

The game crashes with out warning. Only the mesg that comes if a app crashes

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You are a troll…

I sometimes get that when i join a server.

My theory is that when an update is launched we (clients) apply it pretty quickly as we often restart the game, compared to servers which can run weeks without a reboot, as updates are run when the game exits. Now, when two different versions of gmod tries to connect to each other theres bound to be some problems, right?
My evidence to support the theory is that it appears to occur after updates and it doesnt stay (i can usually connect the other day).

A quick look at your history and threads shows that you are either a really bad troll or just an idiot.

Get a PC.

I was going to help you, but your “Mac beats PC” image at the end of the video tells me you can figure it out yourself.

It crashes when I enter the server and nothing else.
It happens on others too.

Macs aren’t entirely cut out for anything too strenuous anyway. Unless you pay through the teeth for it.

My dad just bought the mac because he wanted to see how it does.

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Refer here> http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1052202-Is-the-multiplayer-crash-fixed-YET

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I am not amused by the comment you made. So what, Someone is a troll a little sometimes, so deal with it.

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