Mac issues!!! HELP!


I bought this yesterday as the reviews of the game are so good. It looks like a fantastic game but every time I try to load it up it freezes causing me to ‘Force Quit’ it. Has anyone been having similar issues? I have attempted to disable the grass but this doesn’t seem to have stopped any of the issues. I have attempted to load this several times, sometimes I can play 5 minutes and other times it freezes on load. Please someone help as I am keen to get playing!


Post your specs please.

Hey man, I had the exact same issue when I first bought the game for mac. The only way I could get onto the game is if I reduced the render on the options menu to zero. (make sure you click apply at the bottom once you do it)

Then even when I started playing it was pretty unplayable until I reduced every graphical option I could, so now it looks sh*te, but is still an awesome crack-like game.

If you do manage to get on and it’s pretty laggy, try typing these into the command screen (fn + F1):
gfx.ssaa False
gfx.bloom False
gfx.grain False
gfx.ssao False
gfx.shafts False
gfx.tonemap False
grass.on false
grass.displacement False

As I say the game will run pretty smooth, but will look quite poop.
Hope this works!