Mac maps and Content

alright, i just bought garrys mod for my MAC and i cant seem to figure out how too install maps and other stuff i download. before u say anything this is for a mac and not a pc. when i open finder and “show package contents” all the is is a .text called info and a folder called macos and one called resources. in mac os theres a and in resources there is a shortcut.icns. im being told i must put the maps, other stuff in either my “addons” or “maps”.

i cant find either of them anywere in my garrys mod folder.

please help me.

  1. Open finder
  2. Search for steam, garrysmod, steamapps, USERNAME, ect ect.
  3. Find folder
  4. ???
  5. Profit

no, ive seached all those and cant find it… are you on mac?

Yeah, how I find mine is I just search for my tf folder and it’s the first thing that comes up then I open it and go a few folders up.

Go Library-Application Support-Steam-Steamapps-USERNAME-garrysmod

that’s the path

umm im an idiot but in my application support theres no “steam”…

and i serched my comp theres no steamapps


Nvm i found it thank you so much!!

Glad you found it, I hope you have better luck with addons than I do.

ok… then now i hAVE a problem… i added a map and it uninstalled all my games?