Mac OS X crashing

Well ever since I got Garry’s Mod last January I’ve been crashing non-stop in lots of servers, most of the time before I’m even in them. I usually crash at retrieving server info. I hear this is a result of certain props and materials being spawned/used that crashes certain computers and primarily Macs? Makes sense because I literally can’t use the material tool, when I click on it about 5 materials pop up, freezes, then crashes. Also I’ve had friends spawn contraptions right in front of me, the second you hear that tool gun noise I freeze and crash. It can get very frickin annoying like when you’re creating a 16 piston radial engine and you’re almost done and all of a sudden… you freeze, and then fuuuuuuuu. I learned to dup things like every minute now, but this is still annoying. Anyone else have this problem? Also how and where do I send dumps to? Any known fixes for it? Thanks for any input.