Mac OS X Mavericks issue

Hello… I am having an issue with Gmod on OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 - it used to be that it would crash frequently when I was in the middle of playing… However, now I can’t even launch the game, the “hl2_osx” application says “Not Responding” and I have to force quit it.

I have tried re-installing the game (deleting local content) and joining the development beta branch so far, and neither of those have helped

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you

Do other Source games such as TF2, CSS work? Also try removing any workshop subscriptions or addons in the addons folder if you have any. What are your computer specifications, mainly your graphics?

Looks like the crashing issue is fixed at this point (after re-installing the game again), however, now I have this issue… The cars on some DarkRP servers look weird, like this:

I have it set to allow downloads from all servers, and I always allow all the textures/addons to download for the specific server, but cars are always messed up no matter what server I go on. However, some cars aren’t messed up, but the majority of them are

It’s a problem with your video card.

How should I fix it?

Get a new one?

He probably can’t change his video card, it’s a Mac at the end of the day :v: He still didn’t provide his technical specifications…

I am using the Retina MacBook Pro 13-inch, 8GB RAM, with Intel HD Graphics 4000. Honestly, I’ve played other games such as Diablo III with no problem. I don’t understand why the graphics on Gmod are like this. I have most of the settings set to as low as they can go. Any recommendations?

Intel HD Graphics 4000 isn’t the best video card in the world. It isn’t even relatively good. So it is expected that it can’t handle high poly models.