Mac OS X Problem, Brightness change.

Hello FP,

I just wanted to play Garry’s Mod on my iMac. (Which I don’t do normally)
The problem is, when I walk in a light room, the brightness is fine, but when I enter a dark room, the brightness drops lower than it should. It’s hard to explain, it happens in a server I’m playing on.
If any of you have experience in the map called Evocity_v33x.
Im in the Park apartments, there is fine brightness in there, but as soon as I go outside, the brightness drops, and it’s really annoying. This only happens sometimes, but it could be sweet to get it fixed, so it won’t happen at all.


No help here? Really.

new update reduced gmod brightness and i have same problem. you need to change it on options .

I did, still the same problem. Well, it’s a mac so it explains everything D:

a) Mac.
b) Could be the server doing that. For whatever reason. (Not the server itself. I mean someone coded it in LUA. Why would you want that? No clue.)
c) Weird backlight? I had that once on an old TFT monitor. When a place was dark, everything was… black? Very annoying.

It’s your server German.

The weather modifies the brightness. So does the day and night. But on a correctly configured brightnesslevel, everything should be alright.

I know the weather changes… It’s just mac, it doesn’t work properly with Gmod, so ill switch to Win 7 soon again.