Mac OS X unplayable

Since i updated to the new version of Rust i can’t see things on the main menu, i see weird stripes and some things are invisible, i need to use the console to connect to servers and i can’t see in game chat because the same weird issue happens, please fix this annoying bug, i can’t craft anything because i can’t see what im crafting


Mac user here. Same problem. If I had to guess I would say it has something to do with the new UI optimisation and pixel perfect thing. Here is what we see :,r58fAIg#0

Also on a Mac, whenever I hit something with a melee weapon, (spear, hatchet, bone knife, etc), for the first time the game freezes and I have to “force quit” and restart Rust. This is a game-breaker, as it is usually either a bear, wolf, or other player that I am hitting at the time, and by the time I force quit and log back in, I am naked on the beach having been killed and looted in my absence. This has forced me to quit several times, and I can now only play Rust on my laptop, (which is a pain in the arse)!

Facepunch really shouldn’t leave the game unplayable, or with major bugs, on the Mac.

Or they just need to come out and say they no longer support Mac.

People on Macs are like solo players with regards to Rust.
Ants underneath the boots of human armies.

Funny, I feel the same way about trolls…

I have the same problem. Originally I was able to set my max server pings/minute to the lowest possible setting in steam preferences, and after a few times opening and closing the game the missing spaces would be gone. Now, however, this no longer works. See if it works for you maybe, but if not this really needs a fix.

P.S: I opened it in windowed mode and had no trouble, you could try that as well.

P.P.S: I was able to immediately switch to fullscreen after entering the game and continued to have no issue. A hassle but if it works…

Correct, I just tried Windowed mode and it worked perfect on the first try.

Hold down Option when you start Rust and check the option.