Okay, so I’m running GMOD on a MacBook Pro, 2012 model. I’ve always had crashes on GMOD and I wasn’t too bothered as they were spaced out over like 2-4hrs of gameplay. However, recently it’s been crashing almost every 5 minutes! I’ve tried to validate game cache, I’ve uninstalled all add-ons, reset hard drive etc. I’ve done almost everything possible! I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me out on this and maybe get a permanent fix?


Go to steamapps/common/garrysmod. Are there any .mdmp files there? If so, upload the latest one to and post the link.

And if there’s no .mdmp?

Then there’s no way to tell why you’re crashing.

Checked every folder in garrysmod for .mdmp no signs. I’ll check out the tech support site for some more clues as to why I’m crashing. Thanks man for the replies.

Do you have the latest Apple Software Updates? And do you have any applications running in the background?

It should come up with a message after crashing with the crash trace. You may have to press ‘more details’ or whatever it is.

OSX Mavericks makes it worst, I’ve downgraded. Submitted a ticket to Facepunch support, let’s see what they say. Thanks anyways.