MAC OSX Gmod Crashing

Hello, I have a slight problem…

I have the latest steam, gmod, and Mac osx. but the problem is 95% of gmod servers crash upon joining the server -Around the time when “sending client info”- only servers that dont crash are 2Build servers, Perp 2.5 servers, sledbuild 3.3, and fretta servers. thats about like 10 - 15 out of about 560 servers that show up. please help me with this I don’t know what is wrong.

Could this be due to a add-on i downloaded? --im lost –

           -playing sense gmod9 and never had this happen to me

i just made an account and why is that ugly thing my avatar?

Probably because of Mac-OSX, however, this happens to me when I reinstall gmod for a while. It also could be that 90% of all servers are bad.