Mac OSX vs Windows 7

I have an iMac that runs the game great in OSX but lags badly in windows. I play arma among other games, so I know it’s not hardware. My only gripe with the OSX gaming is my ingame Mac is really quiet, anyone else experience this? I tried turning it up but nothing. I use the latest Firefox on both.



wrong thread

What are you doing in addition to playing your game? Do you happen to be using a program like, say, iShowU to film things?

I found the same lag issues as you have when booting into win7 on my mbp. It is very laggy even with the same graphics settings as I have on OSX. So I went back to playing on OSX. I do not have any issue with the sound though.

I normally run the game in Chrome. What browser are you using?

I’ve used chrome and Firefox, I’ve recently started using nightly. I love OSX, but teamspeak 3 is shaky with my mic.