Mac uber crashing

I need some serious help here, Everytime i go into tools (imgame) and i click materials, the game lags for a sec and crashes entirely. also when i join a server as soon as the client info has finished sending, the game also crashes, meaning i can never go on the server again. I have reinstalled Gmod numerous times and i even Reinstalled All of my games. But it still doesnt work. i have a fully legal version of gmod and the other valve games.

Somone needs to sort their shit out.

Processor: 2.66 GHz intel core 2 Duo
Version: 10.6.5

The only thing i have installed since these problems have occured are Wiremod and PHX

try playing it on windows

I have a solution for this for now… WHat i did was whenever i crash, I quit steam, then quit safari, Don’t open steam until you quit safari. Don’t open safari while you are in steam or playing Gmod.